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Conversations with Carl

Working for a boss who is a mentor is a different experience for me. I'm getting used to these weekly conversations where we sit down and discuss areas of improvement without it feeling like I did something wrong. The most important thing I learned recently was to be someone who is constantly learning with a positive attitude. Instead of trying to teach, I have to take a step down and observe my surroundings. If I want to report my observations, I have to choose my words carefully. Most importantly, I have to put myself in other's shoes to understand different perceptions. These are simple lessons that I know I've been told many times before. It doesn't hurt to be reminded of important life lessons, especially when those lessons apply at different stages of life. It's also good to be reminded by someone new. The perception of the lesson can change and if the right person teaches it to you, it will stick. For this realization, I am thankful. I am thankful to learn and to be lead by someone willing to do the same. I assign great value to my conversations with Carl, and am excited for the lessons to come.