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Joe Steiger- One Awesome Customer

We have this super, loyal customer named Joe Steiger who constantly pops up in our order queue. He's a fan of the Leopard Extreme 3 and recently ordered the new Pangolin Performance . In celebration of the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS release, he posted an in-depth review (with pictures) of his brand new, beefed-up Leopard Extreme. Customers like Joe keep us going strong, and I personally think he is one cool dude. CHeck out his review:

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Released Today! System76 Users Ready for the upgrade

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS was released today , bringing numerous features and enhancements. The new Ubuntu version offers longer battery life, excellent multi-monitor support, faster performance, the return of Rhythmbox Music Player, a new video lens and the innovative HUD (Heads Up Display) interface. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is, bar none, the most impressive Ubuntu release to date.  All System76 products are ready for the new Ubuntu release. Please note- we highly recommend waiting one week if you intend to upgrade over the network (using update manager). In the past, we have found that Ubuntu servers have a heavy load during the first week and some issues can arise. If you're doing a fresh install- go for it! System76 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS upgrade directions are located at:

Ubuntu Women Career Days Presentation Wrap-up

Presenting for Career Days with the  Ubuntu Women  was a blast. It was my first time in an Ubuntu-Classroom chat and I was posting huge chunks causing a scrolling nightmare. It was pretty funny... I'm still learning! Cheri Francis, the Ubuntu woman who coordinates the Career Days sessions, sent me a private IM and was like "SMALLER CHUNKS." I thought it was great. Out of all the groups, Ubuntu Women is really up to some awesome promotion work and I can see a huge impact building the spread of Ubuntu. All the groups together can reach every type of person, and Ubuntu Women is a great example of how the impact of a strong community can influence an idea and a mission. Once again, I'm nothing less than excited to be a part of the Ubuntu community and can't wait to see the other ways I can get involved. The link below has the summary and wrap up of the session. Thank you again for allowing me to be a part of such an outstanding project! Ubuntu Women Blog Post ab

Free Ubuntu Stickers!

System76 sends out FREE UBUNTU stickers every day. We also sponsor more than a dozen other LoCo groups around the world by providing them with the resources to send out the same! If you are in the U.S. you can send your requests (and a little note if you want to make my day:)) to: Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:  System76, Inc. (Free Stickers) 1582 S. Parker Rd. Ste. 310 Denver, Colorado 80231 You will receive... Four 'Powered by Ubuntu' stickers and Four 'Ubuntu Key' stickers Visit our community page to get stickers in another country!

Discover Ubuntu (Commercial)

This commercial to discover   Ubuntu  is a great resource to share with anyone who is interested in a different operating system. I'm finding a lot of people I know who are frustrated with updates and viruses on their current system, so I went on a search to find a great resource to promote   Ubuntu   in a simplified manner to appeal to their needs. I thought this video summed up the benefits for mainstream users quite nicely. Details of the video from the creator: Link to the video An advertisement for Ubuntu, based on the "Features", "About Ubuntu" and "Why Ubuntu" pages on their website. Special thanks to Robert D. Brooks, for the amazing time-lapse shots Dj Fab, for the background music track "Discovery" from his album, "Until the End" - Creative Commons Joshua, for the "Stream music with Ubuntu One" Video

Ubuntu-Classroom Career Days Presentation Tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be presenting in Ubuntu Classroom in IRC for the Ubuntu-Women Project Career Days. I will be talking about my role at System76 and how I transitioned into the open-source software world and how I discovered Ubuntu. Please attend if possible in IRC Chat  #ubuntu-classroom  at  1600 UTC on Wednesday April 18th  Hope to see you there! Details on the Ubuntu Women Blog Originally posted on Wordpress!

Proud Supporters of the Linux Action Show

Did you catch the latest episode of  The Linux Action Show?  It was hilarious, as usual!  The System76 How-To Segment   begins at the 50 minute mark if you want to check out how they mention us. If you don't know already, my favorite thing about working at  System76  is the amount of happy customers I interact with and observe. We've been supporting  The Linux Action Show  for a while now, and will continue to do so because they are hilarious and continue to offer support for our brand and our mission.  Matt Hartley  passed along some happy customers to me this weekend and I thought I'd share their remarks. Jeff wrote:  I am a regular viewer of LAS and TechSnap. I really liked the episode where you and Brian reviewed the System76 machine. I am looking to set up a home file / media server when I move to my new place. I have been chatting to the reps at System76 and I think the Eland will suit my needs best. I want to thank you for introducing me to System76 and play

Free Shipping Ends Sunday!

Free Shipping on our laptops ends on Sunday! Make sure to get your order in before then. If you want a new laptop with incredible hardware and our wonderful support, visit System76 so we can fit your needs :)

Colorado Ubuntu Loco Party! April 29th

Join System76 and the Colorado Ubuntu Loco group to celebrate the Precise release on April 29th at 6 p.m.! Bring a friend! It will be a great geekfest! Venue:  Rock Bottom Brewery More Details and Event Contact:
We are seeing more press with our latest release of laptops . There are more coming near the end of April, so stay tuned! The products continue to get better :) Here's the article from ARNnet .

Happy Customers, New Laptops

With the new release of our next generation of laptops , I've been processing orders like crazy. Monday was by far the most orders I've ever gone through since I've worked here and it was an exciting experience. Among all the new customers, I came across one customer, Drew, who took the time to share his excitement about the previous generation of our Lemur Ultra . He recently purchased his machine and has been hard at work developing applications. I love when customers share their projects with me, more specifically the excitement they share for how fast they can create stuff. It really is a major difference when using Ubuntu opposed to any other operating system.

System76 Social News: More than 1000 connections on Google+

System76 passed the 1,000 mark on Google+!  I'm excited to watch our audience multiply every day! I hope to match our Facebook 5,000 by the end of May... do you think we can do it? I do! We just released the new Lemur Ultra and the new Pangolin Performance and we aren't going to stop there! It can only get better from here!   Originally posted on