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Funny Customers, Happy Customers Follow-up

Hampton, our loyal customer in South Carolina, ordered a new laptop from us in early May. His old laptop (different brand, won't mention names) was literally hanging by a thread for dear life during its last days of operation. He sent us a picture of "Jane," tied together with strings shortly after placing his order. Once his new Pangolin Performance arrived, he sent us the photo of his new baby, "Wheatley."

Techman's World: System76 Releases Gazelle Professional Series 7, p...

Michael Hazell, author of Techman's World  posted an article about our new Gazelle Professional. He e-mailed with a question we've been receiving from a number of people lately as well as another question about our Leopard Extreme, so I am posting his questions and the answers below. Question:   I would like to ask about the current state of graphics in your line of laptops. I have noticed that they use Intel Graphics, which I have to problem with, but community members at my website have been sending in questions about the graphics. Most are asking about why no NVIDIA for the laptops. I have read on other sites that it is because of Optimus technology, which is not currently compatible with Linux/Ubuntu. I would like to confirm this, or get a different answer if this is false. Answer: I n previous generations of nVidia's Optimus technology, it was possible to use a hardware MUX to bypass Intel's integrated graphics thu

Introducing High Definition Bliss from System76 - The New Gazelle Professional Laptop

System76 just the launched the new Ubuntu powered Gazelle Professional laptop designed for professional and high end users who demand excellent performance and a quality build backed by professional support and service. Only 24 hours after release, the Gazelle Professional is the third best selling System76 product this month. The new Gazelle Pro features a unique, soft grained finish that's stylish and comfortable. The stunning full 1080p display is available in glossy or, as many professionals prefer, a 95% NTSC color gamut matte finish. Photography and video are vibrant and expressive in ways unmatched by typical laptop screens. The guts feature the latest 3rd generation Intel Core i7 CPU's, fast 1600 MHz memory, and a myriad of performance hard drive options including Intel's 520 series SSD's. Gazelle Pro configuration options go from fast - to ultra fast. Only performance that results in instantly

Interview with System76 CEO

System76 CEO, Carl Richell, did an interview at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland last week. Jason DeRose from Novacut did the interview and produced the video. He explained why he chose Ubuntu as the operating system of choice for everything System76 manufactures.

Ubuntu Fans send Thank You Notes to System76

System76 fulfilled more than 100 requests for free Ubuntu stickers in April. Half way through may, we are on the same path. By May 14, we've reached 40 requests to send free stickers in support of the best operating system in the world, Ubuntu.

Funny Customers, Happy Customers

Customers send in pictures of cats, computers, Ubuntu Stickers, anything they think of at the moment of communication with us. This one yesterday was a great ending to my day! Thanks Hampton for allowing me to share this with everyone! You ROCK!

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 263

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 263 is out. All the news you need in one place! The Ubuntu News Team works hard each week to get this out to everyone, and it's the most informative news source for everything Ubuntu . It's usually posted on Mondays, but if you missed it, take a peek so you can digest as much news as possible in one week :)

System76 Launches Video Ad "All I Need"

With our new laptops featuring Ivy Bridge Technology , System76 is proud to release a second video ad emphasizing the power and possibilities attainable with "a better PC." You can view the video on our homepage as well. We'd love to hear what you think.