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Introducing High Definition Bliss from System76 - The New Gazelle Professional Laptop

System76 just the launched the new Ubuntu powered Gazelle Professional laptop designed for professional and high end users who demand excellent performance and a quality build backed by professional support and service. Only 24 hours after release, the Gazelle Professional is the third best selling System76 product this month.

The new Gazelle Pro features a unique, soft grained finish that's stylish and comfortable. The stunning full 1080p display is available in glossy or, as many professionals prefer, a 95% NTSC color gamut matte finish. Photography and video are vibrant and expressive in ways unmatched by typical laptop screens.

The guts feature the latest 3rd generation Intel Core i7 CPU's, fast 1600 MHz memory, and a myriad of performance hard drive options including Intel's 520 series SSD's. Gazelle Pro configuration options go from fast - to ultra fast. Only performance that results in instantly loading apps, fast boot times, and seamless multitasking can be expected.

With the Gazelle Professional and Ubuntu 12.04, high end hardware meets the quality of open source software resulting in an exceptional experience for professional and high end users.

For pictures and configuration options, check out the newest edition to our professional laptop line at