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Techman's World: System76 Releases Gazelle Professional Series 7, p...

Michael Hazell, author of Techman's World posted an article about our new Gazelle Professional. He e-mailed with a question we've been receiving from a number of people lately as well as another question about our Leopard Extreme, so I am posting his questions and the answers below.

Question: I would like to ask about the current state of graphics in your line of laptops. I have noticed that they use Intel Graphics, which I have to problem with, but community members at my website have been sending in questions about the graphics. Most are asking about why no NVIDIA for the laptops. I have read on other sites that it is because of Optimus technology, which is not currently compatible with Linux/Ubuntu.

I would like to confirm this, or get a different answer if this is false.

Answer: In previous generations of nVidia's Optimus technology, it was possible to use a hardware MUX to bypass Intel's integrated graphics thus enabling Ubuntu laptop models with nVidia graphics. This year it is not possible due to architectural changes to Optimus technology. Ubuntu is expected to support hybrid switching by Ubuntu 13.04. Of course, nVidia may implement support for Linux before then. Our engineers are waiting for the first AMD 7000 series mobile GPU's to arrive for testing and consideration in future models.

Question: Is Ivy Bridge coming to the Leopard Extreme?

Answer: The Leopard Extreme is a high end enterprise class desktop that features Intel's Sandy Bridge-E CPU's and the x79 chipset. These are the latest processors and chipsets from Intel for this type of desktop. Unlike Ivy Bridge CPU's, there is no integrated graphics on die and the entire silicon is dedicated to processing. Intel is not expected to update their enterprise, high performance desktop CPU's until early next year.

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Techman's World: System76 Releases Gazelle Professional Series 7, p...: System76 has been recently redesigning their laptops, and their desktops. Happening about 2 days ago is the release of the Gazelle Profess...