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Free Ubuntu Sticker Friday at System76

These free Ubuntu Sticker Fridays keep me busy! We promote Ubuntu by helping people brag about their OS with free "powered by Ubuntu" and Ubuntu Key Stickers. Anyone in the U.S. can send us their self-addressed, stamped envelope, and I'll personally send you 4 of each sticker so you can share with your friends. I filled 17 of these requests yesterday! My favorite part is opening the letter to a cute picture or happy note. I received the ones below yesterday. We have a huge wall in our office with all the notes we've received over the years. I have 2 more poster boards to fill before I run out of space! It would be sweet to cover the rest of the wall before the new year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I look forward to seeing your requests :) Are you outside the U.S. but want to receive some free stickers? That's OK! We provide the free sticker materials to more than a dozen LoCo volunteers across the country. You can search for yours on our System76

Colorado Ubuntu Team goes Social!

What a day! After a few days of discussion with the Colorado Loco Ubuntu Team , they approved me to bring the group’s social networks to life in pursuit of spreading Ubuntu locally. I completed our Facebook page, added some links to our Google+ Page and jumped on Twitter for a bit! We have a new team lead, Alexander Stokes, who has dedicated tons of time to distributing Ubuntu CDs and organizing events. It’s a great time to get social about what our group is up to! Please check out our social pages and show some support :) If you post a link to your LoCo page, we'll return the favor! CoLoCo on Facebook CoLoCo on Google+ CoLoCo on Twitter

My First Ubuntu Developer Summit

I’m fully recovered from my first Ubuntu Developer Summit in Copenhagen! It was an experience I’ll never forget and definitely made an impact on my passion for Ubuntu  and open source software. It was wonderful to finally meet some of the faces I see online and the names I respond to in emails. I was able to meet a handful of System76 customers and Ubuntu LoCo group leaders who participate in our free sticker program. Jose Antonio from Ubuntu Peru and Sergio from Columbia were very friendly! I had the opportunity to sit in on the Leadership Council session and discuss some initiatives that improve LoCo team presence, as well as specific advice for the Ubuntu Colorado team.   My favorite part of the summit was meeting Lyz Krumbach from the Ubuntu Women group. She was the first person to welcome me into the Ubuntu community and helped point me in the right direction to get involved. Lyz recently went to Ghana to deploy 100 desktop computers to schools in need. She is an exce