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System76 Chick Update!

I can't believe how fast November went by! With the release of our Bonobo Extreme, the holiday specials and the holidays, I've never watched time fly as much as last month!
If you didn't hear, our Bonobo Extreme was quite the surprise for System76 customers. A beefed-up 17" gaming laptop with a dedicated graphics card, HD screen and multi-color backlit keys, would make any geek drool. Extreme is only one word that describes this beast of a laptop. It's pretty serious.

I'm currently working on follow up interviews for the Ubuntu Women Blog, covering the ladies featured in previous issues of Full Circle Magazine. I'm chugging away at the Colorado Loco Ubuntu Group Social Networks, slowly gaining more followers every day. I created lists of Ubuntu LoCo Groups and shared them on our networks, hoping to connect with other LoCo Groups. I'm also sharing Ubuntu news as often as possible. I'm going to keep working at it until I figure out a good strategy to…