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A Happy Kind of Busy at System76

Wow, time flies in tech world- do you agree? I've been busy as can be and loving it! We had a great Raring Release party with the +Colorado Ubuntu Users Group in Westminster. It was wonderful to meet new +Ubuntu fans and a whole table of happy +System76 customers. Below are some pictures from our fantastic gathering!

Anthony brought some sweet networking gear. Diane was thrilled!

In other news, the International +Ubuntu LoCo Teams have been keeping me occupied with requests for free Ubuntu stickers to distribute in their country. I sent out more than 2,500 "Powered by Ubuntu" stickers and marketing materials this month. Isn't that epic? I think so! Check out our International Sticker providers list now... It's growing!

Filling the individual sticker requests in the United States is keeping my eyes on Ubuntu constantly. I'm sending out free stickers all over the country at a steady pace of 80-100 requests per month. It's pretty awesome to watch Ubuntu spreading from my perspective. The hand-written notes and pictures keep me excited and happy to devote time to the project.

I'm receiving loads of happy customers sharing their experiences about purchasing a System76 PC and it's just magical to feel like I'm at the center of it all. Check out all this happiness!

On an even more exciting note: +Cheri Francis moved to Denver and we had a pizza party at her new place on Monday, which is conveniently located within 2 minutes of our office! Cheri is an active member in the Ubuntu Women group and is a great friend!

More updates to come, stay tuned!