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Awesome Ubuntu Projects in Colorado: Diane Leikvold Transitions Longmont Christian School to Ubuntu

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing Ubuntu spreading, and it's even more wonderful to watch it happening locally with a fellow Colorado LoCo Team member! I met Diane Leikvold a few months ago at our Raring Release Party and she shared her passion for Ubuntu with the group at the party and followed up with an email to the Colorado LoCo Team. Her efforts to transform an entire school network to Ubuntu and offer training to the teachers and students is an inspiration and a great story that I couldn't help but share. The following interview was featured in the latest issue of Full Circle Magazine , but here are a few excerpts for a little background on her success bringing Ubuntu into Longmont Christian School in Colorado. You recently shared your success about the Longmont Christian School transition to Ubuntu with the Colorado Ubuntu Team, can you share your success with the community? Diane Leikvold at CoLoCo Ubuntu Users Raring Release Party 2013 I started teach