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System76Chick's Experience at Ohio Linux Fest 2013

Ohio Linux Fest was a blast this year. The Expo Hall was busy and packed with geeky awesomeness. I met a bunch of fabulous people and had some excellent conversations with customers and other Ubuntu fans. I've made my way through a number of conferences this past year and OLF2013 had more System76 customers than any other conference. It was fun to meet customers face to face after having ongoing conversations with them through the order queue as well as connecting through social networks. It was the first conference I've been to where I wasn't completely surrounded by MAC laptops, which was an awesome sight for me. I wasn't able to attend any talks or classes because Ian and I were running the booth in the Expo Hall. I'm fine with that though, because most of it seemed overly technical for my liking and I love running the System76 booth and talking about our computers. Our booth was packed when we put the games on the Galago UltraPro. Nobody could b

Ohio Linux Fest 2013 Day 1 at Ubucon

Have you ever been to Ubucon? Yesterday was my first time participating in the conference as a speaker! It was wonderful to meet Stephen Michael Kellat from Ubuntu Ohio. It's always good to put a face to a name, especially when they contribute so much to the  +Ubuntu community. He organized the event, which was well-planned and stress free for other participants. Thanks Stephen! I also had the pleasure of meeting our partners from +Project: Community Computers . They had a presentation about Ubuntu powering Ecycling. Here's a pic of Jeff and Garrick sharing their awesome project at Ubucon.  Project: Community Computers Rocks! +Ian Santopietro rocked his presentation on UEFI. There were tons of questions and Ian seemed to have all the answers. I loved the subtle tie in of the cheesy jokes. That was a great topic for Ubucon and I'm excited to see how many people it brings to our booth today! My presentation was titled "Everyone Deserves Technology.&q