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A Weekend in Denver with Project: Community Computers

I spent last weekend working with Project: Community Computers finalizing our upcoming project. It's great to see the passion these guys have in our face to face meetings. I had the pleasure of meeting another member of the group during his recent trip to Denver. Kiefer hung out at System76 all day Friday and shared videos of communities they've donated computers to. We had a nice trip to the Denver Zoo on Saturday and a passion-packed work session afterward.  P:CC sets up computer labs around the world, creating communities of Ubuntu users with recycled hardware and laptop donations. With a strong focus on providing laptops to nonprofit organizations in Milwaukee and the various Ubuntu labs deployed in other countries, Project: Community Computers has successfully launched more than 17 Ubuntu computer labs worldwide and various individual donations. Every lab or donation from P:CC has in some way, helped an individual or community embrace the benefits of technology. Aft