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Colorado Ubuntu Team and System76 Chick April Update!

I’m so happy to experience another amazing quarter at System76 ! I’m finding a reason to celebrate every single day, and Ubuntu is the common factor in all this happiness. In March, I was nominated as the Colorado Ubuntu Users Team lead and became an official Ubuntu member, which are two things I’ve been working at for the last few years. I’ve been planning and attending events and release parties for a few years, but now I’m ready to lead the Colorado Ubuntu Team on an exciting mission to spread Ubuntu . I’m hopeful that the team is going to be completely supportive and on board with the plan since it requires little effort but loads of fun. My first initiative was to regain our title as an official Ubuntu LoCo Team. I had tons of questions but was very thankful to have the support of Jose Antonio Reye and Stephen Michael Kellat because they encouraged me to drop what I was doing and focus on the LoCo team as my main priority. David Overcash and Cheri Francis offered awesome ad