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Southeast LinuxFest 2016

I know I've been dormant for over a year on my blog, but that's about to change :) I'm still working at System76 and still loving it, of course. One of my favorite parts about my job is travelling to open source tradeshows. This past weekend was Southeast LinuxFest in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was absolutely fantastic! This was System76's first time sponsoring SELF, and it was everything we hoped for. The conference was well-organized, accommodating and full of quality attendees that were generally interested in our products. It also helped that we gave away a 14" Lemur Laptop. The laptop giveaway caused a brief Twitter Storm, showing off the many faces of me, along with the many anxious laptop seekers. Sake Bombs and Booth Buddies! Do you ever make 'Booth Buddies' when you go to conferences? Or do you prefer working across and next to the same people for a whole weekend without saying a word? I'm not a fan of awkward, so I make sure to e