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I swear I go to bed one day and wake up and all of a sudden, it's 3 months later. So crazy how life goes by so fast in the tech world... I have some exciting and important announcements to make. Ubuntu 16.10 is coming out this week and that calls for a release party for the Colorado Ubuntu Group. Guess who sponsors the local Ubuntu group... SYSTEM76 . So, you know we're going to have an awesome set-up. Mostly because I'M planning it :) J/K (sort of). There were so MANY people at the April release and I anticipate at least 20 more for this one. Our parties aren't like other Loco Ubuntu parties... I try to make them as exciting, entertaining and as geeky as possible. But, I also love food, drinks and free stuff. So, someone like me organizing a party can- and has always- resulted in a GOOD TIME. If you're in Colorado, you're invited! We have a ridiculous amount of product updates. Most deal with nVidia 10-series GPUs, but the most highly-anticipated release