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All The Things!

Time for some catch-up! The Colorado Loco Ubuntu Team Release Party for Ubuntu 16.10 was larger than any release we've had in history! I had 50+ on the signup sheet and 60+ at the peak. I met dozens of new people and at least a dozen new-to-Ubuntu users! The Ubuntu Beginners pamphlet was a hit, proving there were people who wanted to know more and willing to take it home and give Ubuntu a try. A lot of people look at how many people attended, but the most important stat to me is how many people took the new user materials and found it useful. That's how you know it was successful. Instead of a meetup at a local restaurant or bar, I decided to leverage our excellent corporate sponsorship by my fabulous employer, System76 and host an event. We set up stations to keep visitors engaged, had fancy catering to fill the tummies, activities for the kids, and kegs of beer to stir the conversation :) All Things Open in Raleigh was a blast. Our booth was busy as can be, and the conf