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Ready for LinuxFest Northwest and Linux Laptop Orchestra

I’m sitting here at the airport waiting for my connecting flight to Virginia to meet the Linux Laptop Orchestra at Virginia Tech, kicking off a busy next couple of months.

LinuxFest Northwest is coming up in a few weeks. Last year I did the Linux Switch Competition with Noah and Chris from Linux Action Show. I wonder what’s in store for this year’s event?!? Can we top last year’s switch competition? If you haven't seen the competition, it's pretty entertaining :) 

We probably can’t top that since we don’t have any specific competition planned this time around, but LFNW should be eventful enough with our System76 Booth and Ryan doing his talk about 11 Years Making Machines Born to Run Linux.

I’ll be travelling to LFNW with my wonderful support technician partner, April and our Community Manager, Ryan Sipes. We are certainly a combo to be reckoned with. We are all loud and passionate, especially in regards to Linux and even more so after a few drinks, when it comes to our favorite geeky topics. And that’s just absolutely fabulous. April and I will be manning the booth and Ryan will be doing a talk and will likely swing by the booth to confess his undying love for the new Galago Pro. That dude loves this laptop- A LOT. Make sure you ask him about it at LFNW if you get a chance to chat with him. Hope to see you there!

Before LFNW, I have the Linux Laptop Orchestra performance in West Virigina. The only fully loaded Linux Laptop Orchestra in the world powered by Ubuntu and System76 will be putting on an epic display of magical sound at Virginia Tech College. I’ll be front and center, seeing our Lemurs resonate beautiful sound through an auditorium of Windows and Mac users. I could’ve said people, but they are likely Windows and Mac users who will see System76 displayed across the stage, so that sounds more awesome. You can do a lot of things with System76 laptops- but the group at Virginia Tech under Dr. Ivica Bukvic's leadership decided to create a whole orchestra. Check out how awesome this project is!

Now off to the plane to see the Linux Laptop Orchestra at Virginia Tech!