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Galago Pro on the Go: Emma's System76 Laptop Review

I'm so excited to talk about this little precious Galago Pro ! I like to name my laptops, and nothing is more fitting for this machine (in my use case) than the name ‘Princess’ because my experience with the Galago so far has been royally spectacular. After more than a month of frequent use, I’ve found the Galago to be an excellent choice for the mobile worker. I’m frequently on a train, plane or bus, so portability is an absolute must-have for me. Although the portability is my favorite feature, I’m fond of a few other things the Galago Pro has to offer. Look and Feel She’s so pretty and shiny with her smooth aluminum body. She sports a touch of class with the metallic accents bordering the touchpad adding the perfect amount of elegance to remind you what you’re working on just before you start typing. I feel 'elite' just working on the Galago Pro , knowing that whoever is on the other side of the display is envious of my prized gem of a laptop. Keyboard