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Happy Things From SCaLE17x

SCaLE17x in Pasadena, California was a blast, as always. This year I ran the System76 booth with Aaron, Mitch and Louisa and wow, it was busy!  The SCaLE organizers do such an excellent job making sure vendors have everything they need for a successful conference. The highlight of the show was of course, the people! This is one of the largest conferences I go to each year that never fails to bring all the best of the Linux community together. System76 won 'Most Interactive Booth,' which we were all very proud of since there are ~150 vendors according to the SCaLE Website. We did raffles every hour, got hands on with Thelio, and had Rocket League running on the Oryx Pro with Steam Controllers for anyone to play. Aaron, in all his glory, wandered around the expo hall in the famous Tux costume and took pictures with people. Nathan Handler snapped this photo-shoot-worthy pic that I want to frame and put on a wall at System76. Dinners are where all the stories come from