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I'm a Woman in Tech. Please Hit on Me. Said No Woman, Ever.

Oh no, you got stuck? Linux drama got you down? You actually don't know everything? What if you have to pick up the phone and call tech support and someone like me answers? A WOMAN. Let me enlighten you on some proper etiquette for speaking with a female tech support rep. My open source career began working customer service for Ubuntu/Linux users in early 2012. Like many open source enthusiasts, I was immediately drawn to the community. Over the years, the community has been welcoming, friendly and helpful for the most part. Eventually, I transitioned into a technical support role, and I started to experience unnecessary negativity as a woman and I believe I'm not alone. During my very technical, non-exotic dancer workday, I do not expect to deal with disgusting pick-up lines and filthy language. I can't stand when people use sexually suggestive statements in a support interaction. As a baseline, most women prefer if you didn't hit on us at all during a support c