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I had an Epic LinuxFest Northwest 2019

I know at least a dozen people who are clenching their sides as they laugh today (including me) after falling to the ground laughing at least once this weekend during LinuxFest Northwest. And it wasn't because of some comedy show! Yes, it is possible for your body and your face to hurt from too much happiness. Trust me. I know this. I hope this encourages you to make it a point to head out to LinuxFest Northwest next year!

I'm writing this blog post at SEATAC while I wait for my flight to Denver after the best LinuxFest I've ever been to. LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham, Washington celebrated its 20th year in 2019, making for an epic reason to celebrate. The highlight of the conference was the annual System76/Jupiter Broadcasting BBQ in the parking lot. It's amazing to think there were only a dozen or two of us enjoying some post LFNW BBQ a few years ago, and now it's grown into hundreds!

System76 graciously covered the cost of the BBQ, Jupiter Broadcasting and Linux Academy covered the bulk of the labor and promotion behind the BBQ, and there were a handful of amazing volunteers that kept the food stocked and moving! Special thanks are due for Angela Fisher, Adam @chzbacon "Mr. Bacon," Michael, Brandon "The Bruce", and Chris and Noah for entertaining so many of us! Jeff with the VR drone, Michael saving the day with the soda and Hadea with the epic hospitality... what a community!

Thank you, everyone!

All around, it was an unforgettable event. Noah prancing around in my pink bathing suit is something we'll never be able to unsee!

It was so fun to visit with all my favorite podcasters and crew from Jupiter Broadcasting. I don't think I've ever been in the same place with so many of them before! It was like Linux celebrity overload!
From left, Chris, Martin, Popey, Me, Wes and Albert
I'm so glad I had my entire team and Alex, our copywriter with me this year. I think the amount of fun you have at a conference is generally defined by the attitude of the people you attend it with. My team was amazing and funny the entire time. Levi even mentioned that he nearly suffocated from laughter and everyone else in earshot bragged about faces or sides hurting. I call that success. I hope my bros had fun at the booth. I've been at conferences with them, but it was my first time taking all of them with me as System76 employees. They did great. I love the Happiness Team at System76. I'm going to frame this photo!

From left, Aaron, Me, Sharkie, Levi, Thomas and Alex
Sunday wrapped up with the final hours at the booth and a quick presentation called 'sudo apt install happiness.' I received great feedback so I can make the content better for my next conference. I appreciate your support and interest in my happiness endeavors. We closed the day with some grub and brews at Chuckanut Brewery right by the water. I recommend that brewery if you're looking for a beer and a hearty meal. Nothing beats some good Schnitzel! Nate scored a group photo!

Planning for next year will be here before we know it. Keep this conference in mind for next year. If you can only go to one event per year, make it LinuxFest Northwest!